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Student Support Services
Monroe County System of Care: Mental health, education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and other agencies work together to ensure that children with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and their families have access to the services and supports they need to succeed.
Community-based programs available to serve youth who live at home: 
Special Needs
Resources for Specific Disorders by National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
LD Online - Learning Disabilities by Topic  
Project ESTEEM - LDA Life and Learning Experiences through RCSD (Learning Disabilities Association)     
Epilepsy Resources - Epilepsy-Pralid 
Transition Services

Transition means moving from one place or stage of life to another.

In the Driver’s Seat  Self-Directed Services offer people with developmental disabilities, their families, and others the opportunity to map out their future and be in control of their own lives.  Use the tools and resources so that YOU are now In the Driver’s Seat.
Self-Determination Self-determination means that people have a say in the important decisions of their own lives. 
Transition Planning        
This booklet supports the self-determined transition of youth to adulthood and community life. 
Regional Center for Independent Living - Job Seeking, Placement, and Retention 
My Path NY website is a free website to keep track of your important papers and steps to get started on your path. It was made for New York State young adults with disabilities who are ready to move from school to work and lead a more independent life.