• Classroom Rules and Rewards

    These are the rules, expectations  and rewards for students in speech/language therapy.
    Students will be good speakers and listeners in speech.
    Students will take turns when participating.
    Students will follow class routines.
    Students will be kind and considerate of each other and the teacher. 
    Students will receive a sticker after each therapy session for good work and behavior.
    Students will save 10 stickers to receive a snack or prize from the box.
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  • Books and Materials used in speech

    These are the books and programs used in speech/language therapy:
    Spotlight On Listening Comprehension by Linguisystems:  Ages: 6-12   Grades: 1-7 

    Teach students to be active, intentional listeners.  Explicit instruction using questions, pictures, and visual organizers helps them extract meaning from what they hear and gain confidence in the classroom and beyond. 

    Story Grammar Marker by Mindwing Concepts:  Grades: 2-5
    Story grammmar marker is for narrative development: re-telling, telling, writing and comprehending stories. It is a graphic organizer that delves into the “why” question: motivations, feelings, plans – all necessary for the development of critical thinking skills. It can be used with students in regular education settings as well as with children with language learning disabilities, English Language Learners and  children with ASD.
    Story Comprehension To Go:  Ages: 7-10   Grades: 2-5
    Develop reading comprehension for grades two through five with this big book of illustrated reading passages that targets nine language skill areas.  
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