• gym Things to know...


    Appropriate clothing for physical education




    * Shorts (NO jeans, or belt loops) or sweatpants


    *Short sleeved shirt


    Please note that students must come to school in the clothing that they are going to wear to physical education. They will not be allowed to change in the bathroom beforehand.

     Homework packets will be handed out every Monday and it will be due every Friday. If homework is not done, it will need to be made up. If homework is done but is far below standards, it will have to be redone.
    Classroom Expecations
    1. No cell phones or electronics! If these things are brought to school and I see them, they will be taken away and the only way they will be given back is if a parent or guardian comes in to get them.
    2. No gum is allowed in the classroom as well as the rest of the school.