• Teachscape's Framework for Teaching Proficiency System was born out of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, which is dedicated to improving the quality of information about teacher effectiveness available to education professionals within states and districts. The Proficiency System provides RCSD with a complete online solution for training and testing the proficiency of observers in the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching.  It is divided into three stages:

    Framework for Teaching—Observer Training
    Framework for Teaching—Scoring Practice
    Framework for Teaching—Proficiency Test
    The self-paced online training was developed to increase the reliability and accuracy of observers by helping them to deeply understand and accurately differentiate the components of Domains 2 and 3 and each of the four proficiency levels of the Framework for Teaching.  Scoring practice with master-scored videos helps prepare observers for real-world classroom observations. An observer can view videos of real classrooms and score the videos using rubrics. Then, the observer can compare his or her scores with the scores assigned by an expert and review the expert’s rationale. Practice videos of varying lengths cover English language arts, math, and social studies or science in grade bands K–5, 6–8, K–8, 9–12, and K–12. Developed as a scientifically sound methodology for assessing observers, the proficiency test evaluates whether the observers understand and can apply the Framework for Teaching in an accurate and consistent manner. The test is designed to challenge observers in demonstrating their observational skills and incorporates extensive use of master-scored videos to measure observers’ depth and application of knowledge in rendering accurate judgments.