All administrators will receive a copy of the Process for the Supervision & Evaluation of Administrators from their direct supervisor by the first Friday in October. (2011-2012)

    • Probationary – Annual (First Friday in August)
    • Tenured – Annual (First Friday in August)
    • Personal Goals & Objectives (due to supervisor by First Friday in October, meeting to discuss with supervisor scheduled by third Friday in October)
    • Principal Improvement Plan (PIP) – April 1st
    • Year-End Self-Assessment – (due to Supervisor by third Friday in June)
    • Tenure Summary (deadline by third Friday in June for administrators in tenure year)

    Civil Service

    • 1 year probationary period – 2 Forms, one completed at 90th day, one completed at the end of the year (Deadline - June 30th)

      This work procedure describes the process for an employee to add comments to their performance document and to acknowledge that the review meeting with their management has been conducted.