Implementation Timeline


    Phase 1 (SY 2011-12)


    March 2012

    Peer Reviewer Training – March 8th

    Network Team Institute March 12th -14th

    RLA Training (ePerformance) March 13th

    ePerformance Administrator Training Wks. of March 19th & 26th

    Formal Observations Due (for SIG and Schools w/4-8 ELA and/or Math) March 30th

    April 2012


    2012-13 Course Catalog April 1st- 30th

    ePerformance Administrator Training Wks. of April 2nd & 9th

    APPR Overview/Webinar Available April 1st  

    ePerformance “Go-Live” April 1st  

    Traditional Evaluation Forms (with performance concerns) due by April 30th

    May 2012


    Select Local Assessment Measure for SY12-13 By May 1st   

    Engage Rochester ”Go-Live” March 11th

    Peer Reviewer Evaluation Selection Form submitted by  May 31st

    Traditional evaluation forms (meets standards) due by May 15th

    Implementation Plan submitted to Board May 24th

    Annual APPR Teacher Performance Rubrics due May 31st

    June 2012

    Parent and Community Information Forum by June 15th  

    RCSD to Provide 60% Rubric and 20% Local Assessment Scores  June 30th

    Ongoing Tasks

    Grade Level/Staff Meetings to Clarify APPR Process and Rubric Components

    SY 11-12 Classroom Walkthroughs

    APPR and Teach-scape Collegial Circles

    15-30 Hour Online Course – Teachscape: Framework for Teaching Proficiency System

    (April 6th- May 8th- Domain 2)   (May 9th – July 17th- Domain 3)


    Phase 2 (SY 2012-13)


    July 2012

    Locally negotiated APPR Contract for SY 2012-13 to be submitted to State by July 1st

    Writing of Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s) to begin by July 1st

    Network Team Institute July 7th  – 13th  

    Teachscape Rubric Training July 11th

    RLA Training (Director’s Role)

    (Proficiency System Review Module-3) July 16th – 20th  

    Laura Lipton Training Week of July 25th   

    APPR Implementation Planning for SY 2012-13 July-August

    August 2012


    Last Day to Take Proficiency Exam August 15th    

    ePerformance training on goal setting, peer evaluations, formal observations, TIP/PIP by August 31st

    Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s) written by August 31st

    September 2012


    State to Provide State Assessment Scores (20%) by September 1st

    RCSD to Provide Composite Scores by September 1st 

    Begin Training for Local Assessment by September 1st    


    Peer Reviewer Selection for SY 12-13 by September 30th

    October 2012

    Pre-Assessment provided to students no later than October 15th

    November 2012

    Professional Goal Setting form due by November 30th

    December 2012


    January 2013

    February 2013

    Administration of mid-year assessment (if approved through local negotiations) by February 15th

    March 2013


    April 2013

    May 2013

    Post Assessment provided to students no later than May 15th 

    June 2013

    RCSD to provide composite Scores  by June 30th

    Ongoing Tasks

    SY 12-13 Classroom Walkthroughs

    APPR Webinar Series