IMPORTANT Due Dates


    ÿ         Administrator Lead Evaluator and/or administrator designee explains how the framework is used (first two weeks of September)

    ÿ         Administrator Lead Evaluator reviews the components of the framework (by September 30)

    ÿ         Teacher reviews the framework

    ÿ         Teacher Submits Evaluation Selection Form

    ÿ         Goal Setting Meeting for teachers to set goals based on the following: individual strengths, assessments, student growth, areas on which to concentrate professional development or TIP if applicable

    ÿ         Goals Due to Administrator Lead Evaluator and/or administrator’s designee

    ÿ         Formal Observations shall begin after Goal Setting Meeting

    Teacher Evaluation Selection due by Friday, September 21, 2012


    TIP/DEVELOPMENT PLAN for teachers rated as Developing or Ineffective (based on 2011-2012 Composite Score) due 10 days after release of Composite Scores.


    Teacher Goal Setting Meeting should be completed and goals entered into E-Performance by October 15.


    ÿ         Informal Observations with feedback provided to teacher through written or oral communication(conducted by Administrator and where applicable, Peer Evaluators)



    ÿ         Formal Observations Take Place

    *No later than April 30


    ÿ         1st Formal Observation of Non Tenured Teachers

    ÿ         2nd Formal Observation of Non Tenure Teachers

    *No later than November 30

    *No later than April 30


    ÿ         Annual Professional Practice  Review  Conference (This should include the Peer Evaluator, if applicable.)

     No later than June 1

    Upon Receipt of State Scores

    ÿ         Composite Scores sent to teachers

    ÿ         If a teacher’s Annual Evaluation Composite Score is rated as Developing or Ineffective, a TIP must be developed no later than 10 school days after the opening of school, or  receipt of the composite scores, whichever comes first. Teachers rated as Ineffective should be referred to CIT for a professional support mentor.

    ÿ         Teacher’s who receive consecutive composite ratings of Ineffective must be referred to CITand to be offered Intervention.




    *Pre-and Post- Observation Conference meetings are mandatory.

    A Pre-Observation Conference should take place at least one week prior to any formal observation.

    A Post-Observation Conference should take place no later than one week after any  formal observation.

    If there are areas from the rubrics that fall within the Developing or Ineffective categories, goals should be set and informal/formal observations should be done. Teachers should receive a CIT referral for additional support.

    Administrators/Peer Reviewers should document the beginning and end time of observations and should stay long enough to reasonably assess the teacher’s performance. Peer Evaluators should observe at least 2 times/month and there should be a mix of formal and informal observations.