• Adrienne Steflik, Assistant Principal

    Grades 6-8

    Phone: 585-461-3280

    Email: adrienne.steflik@rcsdk12.org

    Ms. A. Steflik

    My name is Ms. Steflik.  I love my job and seeing all of you.  This is my sixth year as an assistant principal.  I was a French teacher for 18 years.  I’ve taught in college, high school and middle school.  I’ve lived in New York, France, Italy, Senegal, and Tunisia.  One of my passions is travel.  The picture to the side is me in Paris on my last trip December 2019.  I have traveled throughout North and West Africa, Europe, and Russia.  The only country I haven’t been to in Europe is Portugal.  I have been to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Haiti.  Costa Rica has been my new favorite place and my next stop is to explore Central and South America.

    That brings me to my next passion, SCUBA DIVING.  I love water and I love to swim.  When I dive, I feel so calm.  I love seeing all the sea life.  My favorite creatures are sea turtles, sharks, rays and nudibranchs. 

    Lastly I love to learn and discover new things.  The final picture is me zip lining over the rain forest in Costa Rica.  I love trying new foods, meeting new people, and just learning.  You can never know enough about this world.  I can’t wait to get to know each one of you!