• As interdisciplinary team members, the role of the school social worker is…


    To help students:

    • Improve their academic success

    • Overcome obstacles to learning

    • Develop positive character qualities: social skills, peer relations and values

    • Cope in times of stress: academic, grief/loss, substance abuse, personal crisis, violence


    Assist school staff to:

    • Help students achieve academic success

    • Understand how family, cultural and community factors affect students

    • Provide prevention programs: violence, substance abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect

    • Manage crisis situations

    • Coordinate attendance efforts

    • Identify, intervene with and/or refer students with mental health needs


    Support families to:

    • Participate in their children’s education

    • Build bridges of understanding with their children’s schools

    • Access classes and workshops on supporting students


    Empower communities to:

    • Identify the needs of students and families

    • Develop community programs and services to address those needs

    • Collaborate with schools in support of student success