• primproj  

    Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in pre-k through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills and focus on learning. A highly trained and specially selected adult, called a child associate, provides weekly sessions based on encouragement, decision making and responsibility – all through the use of creative and expressive play. The program is currently in several elementary schools.

    How are children selected?

    • Using carefully developed screening and detection methods, young children with early school adjustment difficulties (mild aggression, withdrawal and learning difficulties) that interfere with learning are identified.

    What happens in Primary Project?

    • Child associate meets with child individually for 30 minutes once a week over 12-15 weeks.
    • A trusting relationship is developed while helping the child gain skills in creative problem solving, risk taking and decision making.
    • These skills are practiced through child-led play.

    Who are members of the Primary Project Team?

    • Child Associate
    • Mental Health Supervisor (Social Worker, School Psychologist)