• Families in Transition Program


    The FIT program will ensure that all homeless students are identified and afforded their educational rights, eliminating barriers to their attendance and academic success.

    Program Description

    The Families In Transition-FIT Program is the direct result of the federal, McKinney-Vento-MV Act of 1987. The Act was passed in order to address the educational needs of more than half of the homeless students nationwide who were having to switch schools multiple times throughout a single school year and lacked school stability. The MV Act has recently been reauthorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act-ESSA. Our program makes certain that homeless students are identified and registered immediately. Students and families are educated of their rights under the MV Act. We assist them with eliminating barriers to their attendance and success in school. Our program is able to provide, as availability allows, clothing, book-bags, school supplies, hygiene products, etc. Advocacy and case management is also provided to assist with school and housing issues. The FIT program has Drop-In support, where students and families in need can come without appointments to receive immediate assistance with basic needs; water, snacks, hygiene products, clothing, encouragement, accountability and safety.

    Contact Information: 

    Chrisandra L. Mareus

    FIT Lead Social Worker




    Gladys Williams

    FIT Secretary




    Elda Lopez Santana

    FIT Home School Assistant




    Fax 585-935-7413

    30 Hart St., Room 122, Rochester NY