• Social-Emotional Learning-SEL Toolkit For Educators

    Social-Emotional Learning-SEL support will be provided to students, parents, and teachers throughout their schools and community-based partners. The SEL Toolkit has been created to support the social-emotional needs of students, parents, and teachers.

    Below you will find links to resources, classroom activities, discussions, and recreational activities. There are community resources for parents and caregivers related to SEL support on the side panel, under Caregiver & Parent Support page and on the Community Health Supports page. The SEL Toolkit will be fluid and additional resources for students, parents/caregivers, and teachers will be added throughout the year. In addition to the SEL Toolkit, there will be an SEL Hotline that will be monitored by social workers and counselors. The Hotline will be available from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm at (585) 262-8333. Students can also contact the Center for Youth 24 Hour Hotline at (585) 271-7670. We will also provide Drop-In SEL Sessions throughout the year for students, parents, and teachers. 

    A systemic approach to SEL intentionally cultivates a caring, participatory, and equitable learning environment and evidence-based practices that actively involve all students in their social, emotional, and academic growth. This approach infuses social and emotional learning into every part of students’ daily lives—across all of their classrooms, during all times of the school day, and when they are in their homes and communities. (CASEL.ORG)

    Click below to access SEL resources: