• School Social Workers are the only licensed staff who can legally perform mental health counseling services to students. School social work is a highly complex and specialized field.

    In addition, school social workers have the potential to see every student in a building.  A fundamental reason for having school social workers is that they work within the school environment to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of all students in order to enhance academics and behaviors of students. Children with disabilities such as emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, orthopedic impairments, medical conditions, chemical addictions, attention disorders, and more, are enrolled in our schools and must be served by those who are most qualified to address complex issues related to the educational needs of those children.

    In schools, social workers often serve as the link between students’ families and the school, working with parents, guardians, teachers, and other school officials to ensure students reach their academic and personal potential.

    Additionally, they address problems that students bring into the school environment, and advise teachers and administrators on how to cope with difficult students. Interventions occur in the context of an educational setting in which school social workers are critical members of teams working together on behalf of students who are unable to fully benefit from their education experiences.

    School social workers are also involved in student's developmental skills and character development.

    The school social worker coordinates and facilitates the efficient use of the school/family/community resources, which develop, support and maintain students problem solving and coping skills.
    School social workers strengthen the home/school/community partnership and address barriers to student learning, they serve as catalysts in promoting student well being and successful completion of school.
    The school social worker consults and works with students, teachers, administrators and parent to improve positive academic and behavioral outcomes for students.