Global II & AP WORLD
    Room 265
    "Routine Builds Character"
    I hope that you are as happy as I am about all the exciting opportunities we have stirring up this year.
    This site will be available to you as parents and students to enhance and inform your educational expierence.
    I truly am looking forward to having a year full of success and achievement.
    Let's go Panthers!!!





    Always be on time, in your seat, prepared for class, and quiet when the bell rings.  Consequences will be assigned if you are late to class without a pass or if you are behaving inappropriately.



    Your Journal Book will be kept in the classroom.  You are responsible for bringing your Binder, paper, and something to write with to class every day.  Do not leave personal items in the classroom unless they are stored in your locker.  All disregarded items will be thrown away at the end of the school day.  Bring extra writing utensils so that in case you lose your pen/pencil you will not have to disrupt the class by trying to locate something to write with.  Pens and pencils are not provided by the teacher. 



    Do not destruct, vandalize, steal, or abuse any property belonging to the teacher, the school, or the other students.  This includes writing on walls and desks!  You will be responsible to repair and/or replace anything that you destroy or lose.



    Raise your hand, do not interrupt the teacher or the other students, and do not talk while the teacher is talking or when you are supposed to be working.



    Complete homework assignments on time.  For reasons other than excused absences, no late papers will be accepted.  If you are absent, homework is due the day you return to school.  Any missed work can be made up and will be due according to reasonable guidelines made by the teacher. 



    When you need extra help, let me know so that I may help you.  If you don’t tell me when you need something, I may not be aware of the situation and may not provide you with the help you need.  Tell me so I know!!



    Pencil Sharpener – You may use the pencil sharpener at the beginning and the end of each class or when the teacher is not giving a lesson. 

    Bathroom Passes – Bathroom passes are only given in case of an emergency and never while the teacher is giving a lesson.  You may use the bathroom during work time, passing time, or lunch.

    Talking – Don’t talk when you’re not supposed to.  Talking during instruction time prevents you and others from listening to the lesson.  I repeat instructions numerous times before you begin your work and I will answer legitimate questions after I have given directions, but I will not keep repeating myself if I know that you weren’t paying attention.  Consequences will be assigned if inappropriate talking persists. 

    Getting Out Of Your Seat – You must raise your hand and ask for permission to leave your seat for any reason including sharpening a pencil, throwing something away, etc.



    Remember that a negative attitude will get you nowhere.  I expect that you treat others how you want to be treated.  Your hard work and mature, considerate attitude will be rewarded.  I hope you can join me in looking forward to an educational and exciting year!