• Student Advisor Conferences

    The original vision of School Without Walls was that students would meet individually with teacher advisors who would guide them in their studies. This continues to the present day.
    Each student in an Extended Class has a scheduled appointment to meet with their advisor on at least a biweekly basis. In addition, students can ask to meet with their advisor to solve issues that arise between appointments.
    During this meeting, the advisor will review the students performance and progress in Extended Class with them, will ask them about their Morning Classes and other learning activities, check on how Community Service is going, and offer help and advice to solve any problems that are interfering with their success in these endeavors. Students can also ask for advice in other areas like finding work, choosing colleges, dealing with peer relationships, or whatever else is on their mind.
    To help the conference be more successful, it is important for the student to regularly submit their journal to the advisor per their advisor's requirements.