• Extended Class at SWW

    This is the class that will most help you to understand and attain the goals of the School Without Walls. Each Extended Class has a different interdisciplinary theme around which the academics are focused. Therefore, Extended Class time will be used in many ways — making plans, discussions, speakers, lectures, films, research projects, community work, and skill and knowledge development.
    Your Extended Class teacher is also your advisor at School Without Walls. At least once every two weeks you will meet with your advisor in an individual conference to discuss your academic and personal growth. These individual conferences are a School Without Walls requirement.
    Each Extended class is required to devote part of Friday morning to decision making in which school policy and community-wide concerns will be discussed. At this time students raise questions about school policies, discuss proposals, and vote on issues needing to be resolved.
    Students may ask to work with an extended class advisor a second time when they are a senior.
    Through a decision-making proposal passed in 1992, a student may also ask to work with an extended class advisor a second time before they are a senior, if the advisor is willing and there is no objection by other staff members.

    Extended Class Requirements for Students

    Use a system for planning and managing time


    Information gathering

    Information sharing

    Reading and writing activities and instruction

    Attend conferences with advisor at least every two weeks

    Active participation in Decision Making

    Initiate and develop activities with other extended classes

    Additional requirements specific to your extended class

    Learning skills and knowledge related to the class theme