• School Without Walls Commencement
    480 Broadway, 14607
    Phone: (585)546-6732
    Principal: Coretta Wright
    • Practices a learner-centered inter-disciplinary philosophy in which the needs and interests of students, as well as the demands of society, form the school curriculum.
    • Emphasizes critical thinking and responsible citizenship, and honors all students' learning styles.
    • Supports graduation-by-exhibition in which students must prove, through portfolios, project presentations, and oral defenses, that they are competent and ready to enter college or the world of work.
    • Expects students to become responsible for their own learning.
    • Encourages students to pursue independent study projects and classes at colleges.
    • Requires students to demonstrate, through exhibitions, their competency in literacy, computers, art, history, media, science, mathematics, and independent learning.
    • Requires students to give back to the community through 2 1/2 hours of volunteer service each week.
    • Encourages students to participate in school clubs such as Student Government, School Newspaper, Master Minds, Model UN, PRIS2M math and science program, Yearbook, Rugby, and city cultural events.
    • Offers students the opportunity to earn the Certificate of Employability, which is endorsed by employers throughout Rochester who consider it when making hiring decisions.
    • Provides opportunities for all students to be involved in the management of the school and in the decision making and problem solving of important school issues.
    • Is a school where more than 85% of its graduates have gone on to college (many of them holding prestigious positions such as authors, professors, attorneys, judges, videographers, nuclear engineers, domestic engineers, etc.).
    • Has maintained one of the District's highest attendance rates and lowest suspension rates.
    • Has one of the District's highest SAT averages.
    • Has demonstrated one of the highest success rates with "at-risk-of-failure" students.
    • Has active parent involvement in its Student Assessment Committees.
    • Has one computer for every three students.
    • Maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the University of Rochester's Graduate School of Education and with Key Bank.
    • Is a member of the nation's prestigious Coalition of Essential Schools.
    • Requires all students to have an advisor who conducts personal student conferences every two weeks.
    • Uses a college-style schedule for all students.


Last Modified on January 19, 2022