• My big face.

    I am so EXCITED to join School Without Walls this year!  

    A few important things about me that will play out through the year:

    • GO BILLS!  I've stuck with the Bills through Rob Johnson and Wade Phillips, so now that they are fun and GOOD it's a joy to watch them each week.  I've made it to a game each of the last few years and landed seats for the home opener against Las Vegas!!
    • Family Fam I love my Family!  Two kids, wife, dog, three cats and from time to time a handful of farm animals.  We may get into the farm end of things in our Extended Class: Business during the year!  
    • Geometry and the world of SHAPES!  Geometry is so wonderfully accessible because we all see shapes, sizes, and can touch and draw these things.  Exploring as much hands-on life-based geometry as we are able to and thinking deeply about more abstract Geometry is on our agenda!  


    • You, the students and families are the real ROCKSTARS that drive our work.  You have made a decision to attend SWW and one that I think will drive many years of success for your future. We get to experience this sliver of math together and it's going to be work, and a challenge, and hopefully a fun time you'll remember forever!  


    Best Wishes,

    Justin Stuck

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    North Rose - Wolcott High School for Regents Diploma

    SUNY Genseo for Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, Minor in Studio Art

    University at Albany for Masters of Science in Mathematics

    University of Rochester Certificate of Advanced Study in School Leadership