• Interested in Applying to School Without Walls?

    Next steps:

    1. Complete the application on our website. This must be completed before an interview can be scheduled.

    2. Once the application has been reviewed, we will call to schedule a date for your child to come in and shadow a current student for a half day. An interview will follow immediately.

    3. Reach out to your child’s guidance counselor, teacher or administrator and request a letter of recommendation. This can be completed on our website (Recruitment > Recommendation Form) or emailed to swwinfo@rcsdk12.org.

    4. Provide a copy of your child’s most recent report card. This can be brought on the day of the shadowing or it can be emailed to swwinfo@rcsdk12.org.

    5. Once a decision has been made, a letter will be sent home notifying you of your child’s acceptance status. 


    Thank you for your interest in School Without Walls!