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    Welcome to my website!

    I am Mrs. Schulmerich and I am thrilled to be teaching at Vanguard Collegiate High School.

    I have spent more than 20 years teaching elementary students, three years ago I accepted an invitation to teach at Vanguard.  As you can imagine I was nervous my first day.  But what a pleasant surprise I received that morning, as I was greeted with a big hug from a student I had taught in third grade. If you hear stories that I make up songs and sing them repeatedly and off key, or walk around pretending to be wearing Marie Antoinette’s three feet of hair, rest assured that my actions and my motives, will always be to do whatever I can to enhance the education of my students.  I will go to great lengths to share my enthusiasm for history, and even more so, for teaching.


    Vanguard Collegiate HighSchool

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