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Refining the Mission of East

When  East in Partnership with the University of Rochester was formed, a mission was written for the educational partnership.  It focused on preparing all students for a successful transition into adulthood.  In a mission-driven school this long-term goal is the focus of the work of the school . All stakeholder groups – students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and community members – commit to achieving the goal. 

In May 2016, a larger group of students, teachers and administrators who would make up the new school began to refine the mission and give further clarity to it.  The draft of the mission created guided curriculum revision and writing which happened over the summer.  During the 2015-16 school year, we have worked to gather further input from other stakeholder groups.  (See the timeline to see how the work has evolved.)

This spring and summer we have been working to finalize our Mission and Vision with the help of hundreds of faculty, students, staff, and parents. We are proud to display our Mission and Vision!

East’s mission:  At East we are taking charge of our future by being tenacious, thinking purposefully, and advocating for self and others.

La Misión de East:  En la East estamos tomando cargo de nuestro futuro por ser tenaz, pensando con un proposito, y abogar por uno mismo y otros.


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