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    "Agents of Change" Expedition 

    Sometimes, change comes as a response to drastic actions and protests. Other times, it is shaped by simpler methods. Always, change is produced by AGENTS of CHANGE.

    Our expedition focuses on the important changes that occurred during the decades of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. This era is a story of countless people who took action to bring much needed change to our nation.  

    Our case studies and independent research have centered on the dedication and sacrifices of massive numbers ofaverage citizens, the commitment of numerous organizations, and the vision and will of several famous leaders.
    We invite you to view the digital stories we have created with our knowledge of the brave men, women and children who changed our country for the better.
    We would like to thank the following for supporting our Spring Expedition:


    ·     Lulu Westbrooks – Griffin

    ·     Dr. Walter Cooper

    ·     Dr. David Anderson

    ·     Rev. Charles G. Simmons, Sr.

    ·     Prof. Carvin Eison

    ·     Chris Christopher

    ·     The Little Theatre

    ·     Meghan Delehanty-Reddington

    ·     Grace Hilling

    ·     Charles Daniels


    Expedition Guiding Questions:

    ·     What motivates people to act for change?

    ·     What methods are used to bring about change?

    ·     How do you know when you’ve made a mark?

    ·     How can one person make a difference?