• C.J. Me, Evan    Who is Ms. Fendt?
    • I attended Elementary School at #44, Lincoln Park
    • My brother was one of the first graduating classes from the School Without Walls
    • My mother worked as an aide, and then a clerk typist in several schools during her career and retired from Wilson Magnet High School. 
    • My father graduated from the old West High, and still met with these friends each month for breakfast.
    • My life and heart have always been connected to the City School District.
    • I have two boys.  Charles John, (C. J.) a certified EMT, and will be attending classes at MCC to become a paramedic.  Evan is also a certified EMT, has finished the paramedic courses at FLCC and is taking his state test in November.
    I hope you enjoyed the brief look into my life.