•  Hello, my name is Marcus Sheppard, and welcome to 205,

    I am the behavior specialist liaison between teacher and parents. I can provide mediation through peace circles and restorative justice.  Assisting teachers and other school personnel in the development, implementation, and monitoring of individualized safety plans. These plans seek to decrease a target behavior, provide function-based interventions, and teach the student a more appropriate replacement behavior.  Providing district-wide professional development in the areas of classroom management, individualized behavior interventions, functional behavior assessments, school climate, and others. 

    I hope the information that I provide here will help you understand the way in which the Rochester City School District's In School Suspension Program works. Listed below is a complete set of rules for my classroom with important information pertaining to the first day. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


    • This includes speaking aloud, whispering. Signing, and passing notes.
    •  No student may communicate with any other student unless directed to do so by the ISS Instructor.
    • You will stand with hands clasped behind your back and arms length distance from each other in line.
    •  All students must raise their hand to obtain permission to speak.
    • All students must remain seated at their assigned desk at all times until directed otherwise by the ISS Instructor.
    • You must sit up straight with both feet on the floor. There will be no leaning allowed. (i.e. leaning on hands, desks, ect...)
    • No sleeping is allowed. Students will stand up for five minutes if they fall asleep.
    •  All students must raise their hand to obtain permission to leave their desk for any reason. This includes sharping pencils, borrowing supplies (books, paper, pens tissue paper ect.), and turning in assignments.
    • All students must show respect when addressing any adult.
    • This includes the ISS Instructor, teachers, and substitute teachers and administrative faculty.
    • No disruptive behavior and/or attitudes will be allowed. This includes back talking or arguing with adults or other students.
    • Chewing gum is NOT allowed at any time during ISS.
    • Eating is only allowed during designated breakfast and lunch periods
    •  You are not allowed to bring you lunch; your lunch will be provided and will consist of a PBJ/PBJ alternative each day.
    •  No shorts or skirts allowed. Blue jeans will be worn each day.
    • If a student is not dressed correctly they will be provided with a change of clothes and a day of ISS added.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times. No flip flops allowed. Shoes must be laced and tied the entire time.
    • No jewelry is allowed. If worn it will be taken up by the instructor as you enter the classroom and returned at the end of the day.
    • The student handbook will be followed at all times.

                                             Information about first day of ISS

     ·        There is a certain dress code for ISS. Go over your rules and make sure you are in dress code.

     ·        You must bring all your books and supplies with you the morning of your first day.(we will not go into the building to get these things and not bringing them will result in a day being added to your time in ISS)

     ·        You must bring back the signed set of rules and parent contact sheet on the first day (not doing so will result in a day being added to your time in ISS)

     ·        You will need a library book even if you are not required to read A.R.

     ·        Pay attention to the rules about jewelry and personal belongings (it might be best to leave these at home)

     ·        Be aware that you are still being charged for the sack lunch that is provided while in ISS.


                                                       ISS CLASSROOM RULES









    • No purses or backpacks are allowed. These will be taken up daily as well. They will be returned at the end of the day.
    • No cell phones are allowed. They will be picked up prior to entry each day and returned as you leave.



    • Students must complete daily assignments in order of their regular class schedules.
    • All assignments must be neat and complete with the proper heading.
    • After completing an assignment students must obtain permission to leave their desk and give the assignment sheet, the completed assignment, and the textbook or workbook (if applicable) to the ISS Instructor.
    • Failure to follow these instructions will result in the assignment NOT getting turned in on time and a late penalty may apply.
    • Students will not be released to return to the regular classroom until all assignments are completed. Failure to do assignments will result in more days in ISS
    • If a student does not complete their assigned work for the day, their first assignment for the next day will be to write a copy of the rules for ISS.
    • Every student must have an A.R. book in their possession. Students are expected to read A.R. if they complete assignments early.


    Failure to follow rules and policies of School #25 Including the student handbook rules, the ISS classroom rules, and the ISS Instructor’s direct rules will result in the following punishment(s).

    3.      Extended ISS sentence (up to ten additional days in ISS)

    4.      A trip to the office with a referral to an alternative education program.



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     I can be reached at 585-288-3654 ext. 2050 or by email Marcus.Sheppard@rcsdk12.org