WXXI: Evan Dawson, August 22, featuring Jorge Jimenez, Student Voice Leader

  • The Student Voice Committee meets during lunches every Thursday, throughout the school year.
    Following the Mikva Challenge curriculum, Northeast develops youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens who will promote a just and equitable society.
    2021 Projects:
    -Beautifying the Bathroom Stalls - led by Elexis McGee (Class of 2022)
    -Outdoor Classrooms
    -Student Feedback Survey
    2021-2022 Projects:
    -Community Building Days at Seneca Park directed by Student Voice leaders and Camp Stomping Groun
    -Toxic & Healthy Relationships Workshops with Willow Domestic Violence Center    
    -ROAR Podcast (Go to SPOTIFY and search ROAR Northeast High School) funded through Ghandi Institute
    -Mental Health Awareness Day, pilot of the Mental Health & Resilience Fabulous app
    -It's Ok Not to be Ok campaign
    -Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practice training at Camp Stomping Ground