• Nikaury

    Nikaury Sanchez, Bilingual Council President


    My name is Nikaury Sanchez simple, humble. I am a dedicated mother to my two children, who participate in bilingual programs. I have all my heart willing to help our Hispanic students and families.






    Diveth Garcia, Bilingual Education Council Vice-President


    My name is Diveth Garcia. I am a mother of 3; a college daughter and two kids that participate in a bilingual program. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and 3 years ago I moved to Rochester due to Hurricane Maria, in search of new opportunities and a better future for my children. My purpose is to help Hispanic children to have quality education and the necessary services. I empathize with the special education community as one of my children has autism and I know the challenges and difficulties faced by children and their parents alike. I truly believe that every child deserves a high-quality education and the essential resources and services to be successful people.



    Yohanny Aldon 

    Yohanny Aldon, Bilingual Education Council Assistant Secretary