Meet our 2016-2017 Library Helpers!

Picture of Libray Helpers in their "Libraries are for everyone" shirts
  • Meet RIA's 2016-2017 Library Helpers! This year, Library Helpers ran the library during our Open Library periods. Our RIA Library Helpers volunteered to work during their free time after a quick lunch or in the afternoon, and they were very busy!  Library Helpers checked books in and out, set-up computers, helped students find appropriate websites and books, organized and shelved library books, helped catalog and process new books, organized donations, provided instruction on library procedures in many different languages, maintained our Lego StoryStarter Kits, helped answer student research questions, made recommendations for book purchases and even assisted with inventory. Ms. Wise is grateful for the Library Helpers’ dedication to their school community. We are very lucky to have so many hard-working students at RIA!

    Each of these fabulous student assistants is wearing a shirt that says "Libraries are for everyone" in a language selected by the student. In this picture, you can see this beautiful message in Somali, Arabic, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French, Farsi, Karen, Malay and Nepali. We owe a huge thank you to generous library blogger Hafobuti for sharing her amazing multilingual graphic designs with us! They perfectly convey the message we want to share with our community.

Close-up of 3 library helpers in their shirts