• The Rochester International  Academy Advisory Boardab

    The Rochester International Academy could not achieve its Mission and Vision without the input of various community members. Our Advisory Board Members represent the community we serve with representatives from a range of organizations throughout the Rochester community.  These organizations include schools, youth-services organizations and universities. Advisory Board meetings are held in the library at RIA the first Tuesday of each month at 8:15 a.m.  

    Pictured from left to right are:
    Mary Andrecolich-Montesano, Principal at the Rochester International Academy
    Terri Orden, Acting Director of Student Services, Rochester City School District
    Chojy Schroeder, retired Rochester City School District ESOL teacher 
    Cindy McPhail, PhD from the TESOL department at Nazareth College of Rochester
    Mark Davis, Assistant Principal at the Rochester International Academy
    Kathy Hargis from the placement center in the Rochester City School District
    Bonnie Rubenstein, PhD from the Counseling and Human Development Department at The University of Rochester
    MJ Curry, PhD from The Warner School at The University of Rochester
    Margaret Colpoys, MD from The Center for Refugee Health 
    Jennifer Grimes, Instructional Coach at the Rochester International Academy
    Raquel Cherry, Social Worker at the Rochester International Academy

    Advisory Board Members not pictured:
    Marium Abugasea-Heidt, PhD
    Karla Boyce from the Department of Human Services
    Colleen Knauf from Saint’s Place
    Isabel Miller from Saint’s Place
    Carla Stough-Huffman 
    Alicia van Borssum, EdD from The University of Rochester