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    This research guide includes links to information that can help students and teachers as they study A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.
    Story Details
    Use this A Long Walk to Water Quizlet Study Guide to test yourself on facts in the story.
    Salva Dut Biography
    Learn more about Salva Dut by reading his biography and watching this video about his life:

    Author Information
    You can learn more about Linda Sue Park on TeachingBooks.net and even hear Ms. Park read part of A Long Walk to Water out loud.  See Ms. Wise for our TeachingBooks password.

    Country and Camp Information
    • CultureGrams has excellent country information. See Ms. Wise for our CultureGrams password.
    • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has web pages for many countries including South Sudan and Kenya.
    • The US Department of State also has web pages for South Sudan and Kenya.
    • Salva walked from South Sudan to Ethiopia to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Learn more about the Kakuma camp from the Kakuma Refugee Camp Free Press, a source for news from the camp.
    Water Crisis in Africa
    • Learn more about Salva Dut's work digging wells in Africa from the Water for South Sudan website.
    • The World Health Organization's web page on water explains some of the issues associated with water scarcity.
    • Water for South Sudan, a charity Salva Dut helped create, provides information on the water crisis in the video Just Add Water.
    • Unclean water can spead serious diseases. Two of these diseases are mentioned in A Long Walk to Water. The Mayo Clinic provides information about cholera. WebMD shares information about dracunculosis, the disease caused by guinea worm larvae.