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  • Join us for Briefing on C days and D days from 8:00 - 8:25 am.
    What is Briefing? Briefing is our time to come together as a school family. We welcome new visitors, share our class work, and celebrate our many different cultures. Once you attend one, you'll want to attend many more!
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  • Participate in a Workgroup!
    Do you want to take a more active role in your student's school?  Join one of our Workgroups, or become a member of our PTO! 
    Click here for more Workgroup information. 
    Attention parents
    and teachers!
    The Children's School has an active and fun-loving PTO that meets once per month during the school year.
    Meet other parents and teachers and help plan school events!
    Snacks will be provided, and children are welcome at all meetings.
    Contact Chair Jonathen Kyle with any questions. Phone:
    Join PTO on Facebook. Once you locate the group on facebook, send a friend request with the name of your child, or school connection, to be added to our group!
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  • We need you!!!!  Contact your student's teacher if you would like to volunteer in the classroom.
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    Welcome to the Children's School of Rochester
     Our Vision:
    CSR is a world in a school
     of critical and literate thinkers and doers!
    Mission and Belief
    We believe that in order for students to learn, to know how to learn and to love to learn, a structure and curriculum which is child centered must be firmly articulated and put into operation. We also believe that learning must be bonded with the child’s home culture and that the structure and curriculum in place must explicitly value and nurture this bond.
    The mission of this school is to enable students to become critical, literate thinkers and doers. The mission will be met through:
    1. A child-centered structure and curriculum, which focuses on the child’s psychological, physical, academic, and socio-cultural development.
    2. Teaching which is self-conscious, reflective, and subordinated to learning.
    3. A development of multicultural respect, understanding, and awareness.
    The school is a celebration of childhood where a sense of community underpins learning and where curriculum and activities are structured so that they are hands-on, meaningful, and collaborative. The atmosphere of this school will be non-threatening, challenging, and authentic.

    School Hours
    Students Report  7:30 a.m.
    Dismissal             2:00 p.m.

    Afterschool Activities
    Boy Scouts- Thursday 

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