•                                   Classroom teacher's PE schedule

     This year we are on a four day cycle for physical education. Your child has PE on either "A" and "C" days or "B" and "D" days.
    Below please find your child's classroom teacher and his or her PE days. Please send your child with appropriate PE clothes (sneakers) on their days. You can use a RCSD calendar or go to www.rcsdk12.org to find a yearly calendar and see which days of the week correspond to the "A-C" block, the "B-D" block. Thanks!

    "A-C" classes:
    K- Dardis/Schuler
    1- Poarch/Kobos
    2- Glover/Hirschler
    3- Horton/Henry
    4- Grey/Ottmar
    5- Consaul/Santiago
    6- Fendt/Szczepanski
    "B-D" classes:
    K- Germano/Harrison
    1- Lippa/Petronio
    2- Eckert
    3- Orth
    4- Kornaker
    5- Perez
    6- Burgo/Passalugo