Tim and Moby
    A fun math website with animated videos that are related to almost any math topic. You need ID and password below to log in.  
    ID: rochesterstem     pswd: student
     Math Dude
    the Math Dude
    Believe it or not...this is actually a cool little website. Very imformative and some of the things he does are entertaining.
     Regents Prep
    Regents Prep
    This website is great for preparing for ANY regents exam you have. There are games, among several other things, to help you prepare for the test.
      Thomas Jefferson
    JMAP (Jefferson Math Project) is a GREAT website for math regents. This website has ALL of the old math regents exams for you to look at or even download and practice. You can even select to get all the old test questions by a particular topic. So if you are struggling with an area, just look at the old state test questions for that particular topic. It's a must have for any student preparing for a regents exam.
        Graphing Calculator
    Graphing Calculator
    Most of you have the use of a basic calculator at home or built into your cell phone. This link below gives you access to graphing, so if you need to graph from home...here's how you can do it:
    (scientific calculator) 
    (mostly graphing calculator) 
    install on your PC - http://wabbit.codeplex.com/  (click purple download button to left) 
    some important notes when installing wabbit on your device
       1. You want to choose "Create ROM image..."
       2. You want to select either the "TI-84 Plus" or "TI-84 Plus SE" 
       3. You want to DOWNLOAD an OS, select "OS 2.55", our school calculators use this OS
    On Line Math Learning
    OnLine Math Learning Site
    No matter what math level or grade you are in, this site has it all: tutorial videos, interactive problems to practice and check, etc...
    Khan Academy
    Khan Academy
    ABSOLUTELY A GREAT SITE FOR ANY INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO...NOT JUST MATH! You can check out all the videos by subject and topic! This is worth checking out if you need extra help, take a look :D