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School #53 Montessori Academy

PTA Executive T.E.A.M.


Harriet Fisher - President

Phone:  585-415-0089

Harriet Fisher

Harriet has been an active parent at the Montessori Academy for the past 12 years. She is the proud mom of two children – Maurice Jr., a 5th grader at Montessori; Mya, a Montessori alum and sophomore at School of the Arts – and wife of Maurice Sr., a Radiology Technologist at the U of R. She is a charter officer of our PTA and has previously served as PTA Vice President and Parent Representative on our School Based Planning Team. When not advocating for our Montessori children, Harriet works as an Analyst/Project Manager in the City of Rochester’s Information Technology department.



Jesse Hughson - Vice President

Jesse Hughson has two daughters at Montessori; Wren and Maya.  Jesse has been a PTA member for 2 years, and looks forward to taking that involvement to the next level this year as a PTA officer.  Outside of his dad-ish duties, Jesse can usually be found at his shop producing architectural metalwork, furniture, signage, and prototyping and developing one of the many niche products he creates for the international circus community.




Nteboheleng Julia Lenkoane-Miller - Secretary 


Julia has served as our PTA Secretary since 2015. She has two children- a son who graduated from Montessori Academy; and a daughter who is currently a Montessori 6th grader. Julia directs a Health & Safety program at a local non-profit agency. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and trying new foods. She loves our school because of the unique, quality education offered and the commitment of our teachers to the students.



Catherine Bauroth - Treasurer

Picture of Andrea gregoire

Catherine Bauroth has one child, Xavier, at Montessori Academy.  He is in 3rd grade in Mrs. Feldstein's class.  Catherine has served as a PTA officer in the past, both as Secretary and Treasurer.  She also has a daughter in 7th grade at SOTA.




#53 Montessori Academy PTA Officer History 







2016-2017   Harriet Fisher  Jesse Hughson Julia Lenkoane-Miller Catherine Bauroth
2015-2016   Rosalind Walker  Tina Robinson Catherine Bauroth/Julia Lenkoane-Miller Andrea Gregoire 
2014-2015 Tanya Wetherwax Portia Thomas Andrea Gregoire
2013-2014 Andrea Gregoire and Bridget Monroe   Amy Soto Tanya Wetherwax
2012-2013 Andrea Gregoire and Bridget Monroe   Catherine Bauroth Takisha Times
2011-2012 Andrea Gregoire Catherine Bauroth Rosalind Walker  Rahimah Wynn
2010-2011 Andrea Gregoire Alia Corker-Edwards Roodlene Daniels Catherine Bauroth
2009-2010 Monica Smith Andrea Gregoire LaMima Lewis Catherine Bauroth
2008-2009 Bridget Monroe Harriet Fisher LaMima Lewis Max Pakhutkin