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Traditional high school frameworks no longer work for many of our learners. Schools needs to transition from operating as buildings to being the nerve-center of the community providing ample opportunities for connecting learners, teachers, parents and the community. Schools will no longer be schools but will be hubs promoting a culture of inquiry.

The primary role of the teacher has evolved from dispensing information to facilitating learner engagement by turning "information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom."

Learners are the evolved student. Their learning goes beyond the formal school day as they are exposed to expanded opportunities and community service related projects that result in life-long learning. Learners understand and participate in a variety of learning modalities realizing the skills required for 21st Century college and job readiness: media literacy, international mindedness, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.


All City High (ACH) was established as an alternative high school within the Rochester City School District. The problem that exists for ACH is that there is a negative stigma surrounding its creation. There is a myth that it is a school that harbors students who do not have the capacity to achieve success. Additionally, the school faces cultural challenges as the learners who are entering ACH come from five high schools that are being phased out. Therefore, the primary focus for ACH, is not only on meeting the challenges of 21st Century learning, but also facilitating a transition of five distinctive cultures into a single family. To accomplish these goals, ACH is further focused on providing extensive choices to learners through an expanded learning approach that embeds multiple pathways into the school's organization.

                    Students -DIVERSITY from 3 zones, initial students from phase-out schools, 53% are on track to graduate, representation of 27 languages within

                    Curriculum -COMMITTED to the design of new units of study, most Advanced Placement courses offered of any high school in RCSD, menu of courses to choose from, cultural awareness embedded within

                    Scheduling -INNOVATIVE, non-traditional, 12 hour days, Saturday school, clustered teams, multiple pathways

                    Academic and Social Supports -SUCCESS In small learning communities, small class sizes at no more than 23 learners per class, 1:100 student / counselor ratio, Family of Five, graduation mapping IS individualized, post-graduation plan to ensure success upon graduation

                    Extra-curricular Activities -CHOICE of activities, advisement embedded in the middle of the day to encourage participation

                    Community Partnerships -EXPANDED leaning opportunities for all students

                    Operations -FAMILY oriented, 12 month faculty, all-day food service providing three meals per day, consistency for students who will have the same bus drivers throughout the day