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 Principal Dr. Bradley
Early Childhood School No. 57
Our Mission: At School #57, we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing child centered environment where teaching and learning are valued by all.
Our Vision: We are committed to empowering each child to learn and grow into effective solvers and responsible citizens. 
15 Costar Street 14608
(585) 277-0190
fax (585) 277-0108
PreK through Grade 2
Principal: Roshon Bradley
Parent Liaison: Donita Cummings

Probability of getting this school as your first choice (based on 2009-10 lottery results): 100%
The staff at School No. 57 provides a warm, nurturing, child-centered environment where teaching and learning are valued by all. As an early childhood school (Pre-K through grade 2), our motto reflects our philosophy: “Small Steps Today – Giant Leaps Tomorrow.” Our small size allows us to build a strong home-school relationship with each child and his or her family. Our instructional program provides support throughout all grade levels to help children become successful learners. Our annual school improvement plan, created by staff and parents, guides our instruction.
At Early Childhood School No. 57:
  • Instruction is focused on each child's unique learning style. Materials are presented at the child's appropriate reading level and becomes more advanced based on student successes.
  • Literacy blocks contain 90 minutes of Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop with emphasis on specific reading and writing skills.
  • All students in grades K-2 uses computer programs, called Lexia and Compass, which strengthens skills necessary for reading.
  • School-wide community meetings are held once a week to showcase student learning and build a sense of community. Parental involvement is welcome.
  •  Extended Learning opportunities are offered during the day to help students meet New York State Standards.
    Activities that promote citizenship and character development are integrated throughout the instructional program. Good citizenship is specifically promoted through our Star Student program.
  • The PTCA sponsors community- and school-related initiatives and celebrations that showcase student achievement and family involvement, such as our  Men's Fellowship, Black History Dinner, a celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday, Family Literacy Night and the grand opening of our Museum.
  • Educational partnerships with Genetaska enhance our school community.
  • All classrooms are “Smart” classrooms that will integrate technology with SmartBoards and iPads throughout the curriculum.