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Welcome to the
Rochester International  Academy's School-Based Planning Team

Our School-Based Planning Team is responsible for improving school productivity and assisting with our School Comprehensive Education Plan.  The planning team assesses student performance and school effectiveness, sets improvement goals, and designs instruction and other services in the context of those goals.  Our team is a decision-making body that puts great focus on instruction, curriculum, and support for student learning.  Our goal is to shape and strengthen the education provided to students and help lead them to the highest standards of achievement.

2015-2016 School-Based Planning Team Members
Name                                                                  Role/Title                                              Email
Mary Andrecolich-Diaz                                     Principal (ASAR)                                  Mary.andrecolich-diaz@rcsdk12.org
Mark Davis                                                          Assistant Principal (ASAR)                  Mark.davis@rcsdk12.org
Samuel Consagra                                              ESOL Teacher (RTA)                            Samuel.consagra@rcsdk12.org
Nicole Flores                                                       ESOL Teacher (RTA)                            Nicole.flores@rcsdk12.org 
Jennifer Grimes                                                  Instructional Coach (RTA)                 Jennifer.grimes@rcsdk12.org
Sara Laiosa                                                         Science Teacher (RTA)                      Sarah.laiosa@rcsdk12.org
Laura Lucyshyn                                                  ESOL Teacher (RTA)                            Laura.lucyshyn@rcsdk12.org
Stephanie Malady                                             Elementary Teacher (RTA)                Julianne.wise@rcsdk12.org 
Cheryl Moeller                                                    Parent Representative                      Cmoeller@cfcrochester.org 
Annie Tran                                                           Math Teacher (RTA)                          Annie.tran@rcsdk12.org 
Lisa Watson                                                         Elementary Teacher (RTA)                Lisa.watson@rcsdk12.org  
Julianne Wise                                                Librarian                                         Julianne.wise@rcsdk12.org 
Juli Zelazny                                                          Physical Education Teacher (RTA)   Juliann.zelazny@rcsdk12.org
Liz Vazquez                                                         Head Secretary (BENTE)                    Elizabeth.vazquez@rcsdk12.org

2016-2017 School-Based Planning Meeting Dates
September , 2016
October , 2016
November , 2016
December , 2016
January , 2017
February , 2017
March , 2017
April , 2017
May , 2017 
June , 2017