Adlai E. Stevenson School 29Students reading

    English Language Arts 

    Our English Language Arts program correlates with the Common Core State Standards.

    There are 6 Shifts of the Common Core that our curriculum and materials align with.
       Shift 1: Balancing Informational & Literary Text: Students read a true balance of informational and literary texts
       Shift 2: Knowledge in the Disciplines: Students build knowledge about the world
       Shift 3: Staircase of Complexity: Students read the central, grade appropriate text around which instruction is centered.
       Shift 4: Text-based Answers:  Students engage in rich and rigorous evidence based conversations about text.
       Shift 5: Writing from Sources: Writing emphasizes use of evidence from sources to inform or make an argument.
       Shift 6: Academic Vocabulary: Students constantly build the transferable vocabulary they need to access grade level complex texts.