• How can you help your child be successful in reading/ writing?

    It’s simple! Here are a few suggestions you can use at home to help your child:

    §  Provide a quiet place to read to your child or have them read to you or an older sibling EACH AND EVERY DAY! Establish a routine for homework.

    §  After your child reads, ask them what they read about. Can they relate to the characters in the book? What was the problem and solution?

    §  Get a library card and check out books once a week.

    §  Get a Frye word list from your child’s teacher or Room 117. This is a list of 600 words that students should know automatically by the end of 6th grade.

    §  Have your child keep a journal in which they write daily. Writings can include how their day at school went or what they did over the weekend. How much they write should depend on what grade they are in. Consider writing back to your child.

    §  Index cards are a great way to study spelling and vocabulary words and definitions.

    §  Take advantage of the free websites listed on our school website. Many of them promote reading and writing!

    §  Ask your child’s teacher for specific ways or resources that will help you child reinforce strategies they struggle with.


    "Parents who know their children's
    teachers and help with the homework
    and teach their kids right from wrong --
    these parents can make all the difference."

    -- President Bill Clinton
    State of the Union Address