• Visiting School 29
    At Adlai E. Stevenson School 29 we work hard to encourage parents and community members to visit our school and see our staff and students in action.  In order to create a safe and productive learning environment, we ask that the following procedures be followed when visiting our school and classrooms.  Thank you.

     School Visitation Guidelines

    Please assist us by following these procedures:                

    · Please report to the main office.  Sign in, state your business and obtain a pass.  Please wear your pass the entire time you are visiting School 29.

    · The office staff will notify the teacher of your visit.  We ask that you leave siblings at home.

    · Upon entering the classroom, please find a comfortable location to observe, without interrupting direct instruction.

    · Please leave a written note for the teacher in the office if you would like a personal conference.

    · Visits should be limited to 30 minutes. We request no visitors after 1:45 (1:00 on Wednesday) so we may prepare our children for dismissal.

    · You are welcome to eat lunch with your child in the cafe.  For safety reasons, please let the lunch aide know you are taking your child from the lunchroom.  Unfortunately, your child’s friends must remain in the lunchroom.