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    Absences from School:
    • Excused absence: upon the return from absences from school, all students should have a written excuse by the parent to account for all legal absences.
    • Unexcused absence: students absent from school without written excuses will result in an unexcused absence.
    • Tardy: Students who arrive to school after 8:10 am will be marked as tardy.

    Early Dismissal Procedure:

    • Students should only be picked up early for medical appointments or legitimate family emergencies.  Parents should call the school prior to 12:00 noon and/or send in a note with the child to be delivered to their teacher.
    • Students will be called to the office upon your arrival at the school. 

    Change in Dismissal Routine:

    • Please send a written note or call your child's teacher for removal from the school buses no later than 12:00 pm.
    • A note must be sent to the teacher if there will be a change in your child's dismissal routine.  For example, another family member picking the child up, parent pick up instead of riding the school bus etc.
    • if a note or a call is not made to the school by 12:00 pm, we are required to place your child on their regular bus.