Look around and see what this musical website has to offer. I love working with your children and want to give them every opportunity to experience and explore the music in their lives. It is everyone's natural right to create, experience, and share music.
    What is music?
  • Hands-On Learning
    Students are encouraged to use many different materials and instruments to express themselves, creatively! 
  • Multi-Faceted
    Music can be broken down into more than 20 individual parts--there is always something your child will be good at!
  • Fun!
    Music is a fun, creative outlet for students to discover themselves!
  • Feel free to reach out at any time!
    Miss Stacey Yazo
    e-mail: Stacey.Yazo@RCSDk12.org
    phone: (585) 325-2920 ext. 2090