•     Company



        Xerox Capital       


        100 S. Clinton Avenue

        Rochester, NY 14604


    Provides specialized financing and servicing programs for Xerox, as well as its vendors, distributors, dealers, and resellers in the United States. It offers financing, risk analysis, credit approval, order processing, billing, and collection services.

    • Donate school supplies and book bags

       Valley Manor


    1  570 East Avenue 
    , NY 14610

    Valley Manor Custom Apartment is a private company categorized under Apartments as a senior living community that offers special interest groups, exercise programs, social events, day trips to local arts and cultural venues.

    • Tutors primary students (K-3) in reading and math skills
    • Sponsor field trips
    • Donate school supplies





    Friends of Educational Excellence (FREE) Partnerships support community partnerships in Rochester public schools to help students succeed in school.  By supporting community organizations partnering with schools, FREE Partnerships helps to build a stronger Rochester community.

    • Recruits volunteers
    • Assist with coordination and training