• Social Studies


    Our students participate in a Social Studies Curriculum aligned with the New York State Social Studies Learning Standards that leads them from their local communities to World Communities including current events.


     New York State has five specific content areas for standards:

    • History of the United States and New York
    • World History
    • Geography
    • Economics
    • Civics, Citizenship, and Government
    The New York State Elementary Level Test in Social Studies is administered to fifth grade students in November. This test is designed to be used as an early indicator to determine if the students are meeting the five NYS social studies standards. The test is administered over two days and includes:
    Session 1: Part I and II which contains 35 multiple-choice questions (60 % 4th grade content and 40% 3rd grade content) and several short answer constructed-response questions (CRQ) within 90 minutes

    Session 2: Part IIIA: Document-Based Short Answer Questions, also known as scaffolding. This part of the exam contains the documents followed by one or more short answer questions. Part IIIB: The Document Based Essay Question: one question based on the documents in part IIIA within 90 minutes
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