Where Learning Has No Limits

School Information and Hours

  • 480 Broadway
    Rochester, NY 14607

    (585) 546-6732

    Start Time  8:00 AM
    End Time  3:00 PM
    Principal: Aylin Rodriguez
    AP: Tom Pappas
    AP/DASA Coordinator:
    Tom Pappas | Thomas.Pappas@rcsdk12.org

    We welcome all who want to become part of our learning community!
    School Without Walls is one of the oldest non-traditional schools in the country. All curriculum, courses, and student experiences at School Without Walls are planned, developed, and implemented with the clear intention of helping students become self-sufficient lifelong learners.
    We are a learner-centered school. Our students participate in interdisciplinary classes with project-based curricula. We use the community as a base and resource for our work. Our students have individual academic teacher-advisors and are involved in school governance. Graduation requirements include completion of portfolios and senior projects instead of standardized testing requirements. 
    Great Schools for All (GS4A) is a leadership group comprised of city and suburban residents, volunteers and institutional representatives with diverse experiential backgrounds. We are working to ensure every Rochester-area family, no matter zip code or income, is guaranteed access to a great public school. We are helping to build a network of socioeconomically diverse magnet schools open to students from across Monroe County. We envision existing school districts, colleges or partner organizations will operate these schools. This is the surest, shortest, and least expensive remedy for high-poverty schools.