• Music Clipart

    At School 35, we have a variety of ensembles and performance groups for students to be a part of such as Intermediate Choir, Primary Chorus, School 35 Orff Ensemble, Recorder Group, and D.R.U.M. Ensemble.
    We believe that music education is imperative for every child and every child should have the best musical experience.  We believe this experience in music should begin as early as possible in their elementary education. 
    The music program at School#35 includes the teaching of Orff-Schulwerk.  Orff-Schulwerk is an approach to teaching music based on the teachings of German Composer and music educator, Carl Orff, who also believed that music education is for every child.
    Orff-Schulwerk uses movement and music to educate children and involves all elements of music including singing, dancing, speech, body percussion, improvisation and creativity.  We believe this is the best approach to teaching the children of our school and we have seen remarkable results of having a program that involves children in this capacity.
    It’s exciting to see our student learn and grow through the power of music and Orff-Schulwerk. .                                           
    Clip Art