• Class Rules

    I use the Stop and Go light type of system to reflect behavior infractions. Each student begins on the green level. Each behavior infraction, works like the stop-n-go light system:

    v There is a green light, which means go (or that they are doing very well behaving in class). If they start to misbehave, they get a verbal warning first and their clip stays on green.

    v  There is a yellow light, which means slow down (or watch out, your behavior is slipping!!!) Their clip is then moved from green to yellow. This clip may be moved back to green after lunch time at the teacher’s discretion. However if two yellows are recorded in one day, this will result in a yellow clip for that day. A time out may also be given at the teacher’s discretion. Parents may decide to request a conference should this become a pattern. Repeated yellows may need intervention based on School 52’s school discipline policy. Please understand that an occasional yellow is not a cause of alarm and is part of the growing process in helping some children learn what school behavior looks like.

    v  Last of all, there is a red light, which means stop (or that we have a problem). The yellow clip now moves to red, and the child will have to owe a ten minute time out. ALL RED lights are immediately recorded or charted and a note is put in the child’s agenda. This should be a RED FLAG to parents that a phone conversation may be needed. Repeated reds may need intervention based on School 52’s discipline policy. PARENTS SHOULD SIGN agendas that come home indicating your child recived a red light.


    These infractions will affect your child's behavior grade on the report card and may keep your child from earning selected awards  throughout the quarter.