• Tech Tips with Kasim


  • Recent circumstances have completely transformed learning around the world. The shift to a paperless learning environment from a hands-on environment has presented both teachers and students with several challenges. One of the challenges that many have had to go through is the difficulty of staying organized virtually. As a result, this webpage will help address this challenge as well as providing tips on unfamiliar features, helpful apps/websites, and worthwhile advice. I hope my guidance will be useful in making virtual learning more manageable.

  •  Google Chrome

    Google Chrome

    Chrome is very efficient and accessible, usually being the go-to internet browser for most people who have access to the internet. On the topic of accessibility, there are several unknown features of Chrome that make the most out of the browser's efficiency and accessibility.

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  •  Virtual Learning

    Virtual Learning

    Zoom and Google Classroom are the most important websites we use nowadays for lessons and assignments. Because of this, it is important to understand how to uses services like these to their maximum efficiency. That being said, the purpose of this page is to provide general advice on how to most efficiently use these services for virtual learning.

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  •  Apps and Websites

    Best Apps and Websites

    One of the most important methods to ease the struggles of virtual learning is accessibility. Knowing what resources to use will substantially decrease all the struggles that come with virtual learning, whether it be bookmarking websites, using shortcuts, downloading apps, etc. This section will guide you to resources you can access on web or mobile.

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