• School #34

    Room 104 School Supply List

    ·       1 plastic pencil box labeled with name

    ·       1 pair ear buds for technology

    ·       2 dozen yellow pencils

    ·       2 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count) (one for now and one for later)

    ·       1 box of Crayola broad-line markers

    ·       1 4-pack of EXPO dry erase markers

    ·       2 large erasers (ex. Pink pearl)

    ·       1 plastic “Take Home” folder labeled with name

    ·       A backpack that will fit your Take Home folder

    ·       2 boxes tissues

    ·       1 box of zipper sandwich size bags (boys)

    ·       1 box of zipper gallon size bags (girls)

    ·       1 pair kids scissors labeled with name

    ·       Glue sticks

    Students will keep some pencils, an eraser and 1 box of crayons in their pencil box for daily use at their tables.   The rest of the supplies will be stored in the classroom in a labeled zipper gallon bag for use as needed or to replenish supplies.


    As school supplies will be remaining in school overnight please be sure you have separate pencils and crayons on hand at home for our daily homework.