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    Type Small Group Instruction Targeted Intervention Quad A  Center for Youth
    Description We utilize targeted small group instruction to build on foundational literacy and mathematical skills. We monitor progress and student growth on a weekly and biweekly basis. We provide various enrichment and intervention opportunities for students to expand their academic and social/emotional skills.

    Quad A is an after school program that focuses on small group literacy and reading, athletics, life skills, clubs and inquiry-based learning. The program runs from October-March and is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:30-6:00.


    A Center for Youth counselor/mentor is available throughout the school day to meet with students in need of assistance or help.
    Eligibility All students are identified through our RTI process. Students at all grade levels.

    Application Deadline: September 29, 2023. Open to students in grades 1-6.


    All students Pre-K through 6th.



    Please contact classroom teachers for more information.



    Please contact 585-458-3210 for more information.