• To make a change in your child's transportation (due to a move or a change in caregivers) please call the Main Office at 458-3210.  If you have moved, RCSD policy requires us to verify your new address by seeing a rent receipt, lease, utility bill, cable bill, or other form indicating your residency at the new address.  It takes 4-5 business days for changes to take effect, so please be sure to call well in advance.


    If the bus has not picked up your child for school, please call the Transportation Department at 336-4000.

    Dismissal is at 3:30 PM. Any parent wishing to pick up their child must do so prior to 3:00, so building staff can adequately prepare for dismissal. Dismissals after 3:00 will need to wait until 3:30 PM


    All calls to the office regarding parent pickup or changes to transportation must be made before 2:30 PM. NO CHANGES to transportation will happen after 2:30 PM


    LOCK OUTS:  Each bus now does two routes (one EARLY and one LATE). If you are not home when the bus arrives your child will need to ride both routes fully prior to trying the house again.  Please give the bus company an alternative drop off location to avoid this lengthy bus ride.


    At School #34 your child’s safety is very important.  Since the buses are an extension of our school, students know they must follow all school wide procedures while riding to and from school.  


    If your child does have a problem on the bus:

    • The driver may attempt to discuss this with you at pick up or drop off times.

    • You may receive a warning referral or suspension in the mail.  

    • Your child may be suspended from the bus if the issue continues.

    • You will need to get your child to and from school.

    • You will need to take time from your busy lives and attend a meeting with bus or school officials.  Please help us minimize these unfavorable outcomes by stressing the importance of following the rules on buses.


    If your child has problems that are not resolved:

    • Speak directly to the drivers or the bus company, see contact numbers below:

      • Transportation Department 336-4000

      • Calvin Cumming, Transportation Dept. Discipline Coordinator 336-4163

      • RCSD Customer Service 324-9999

    If you do not get any satisfaction or need further assistance, please call our School #34 Parent Liaison at 458-3210, press 5